Wednesday, September 12, 2012

INNOCENCE OF MUSLIMS reply by Aligarh Muslim University

This is the real fact which deny these people to do these ignoble act. These things are preplanned and real people hide their face behind the scene.

INNOCENCE OF MUSLIMS reply by Aligarh Muslim University.

The only true protest against these act are to boycott there products. This thing force them to do not these thing again. If you love your prophet Muhammad ( S.A.W ) then do this and not purchase these thing from now.
Allah see the effort of good work not the quantity of work. If you do this on the day of judgement Allah will award you on this either its a very small act.Which you can do with a little effort to find some other products for your livelihood.

Boycott those thing which have alternative , if some product have no alternative then try to less use of those products.

This is the real strength of Muslims and good way to record protest. Which force them to do not do these evil things again. It's payback time, Muslim world's YouTube boycott leaves Google feeling the pinch.

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